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Collaborative Care enables your primary care provider to more effectively identify and treat depression and anxiety.

Effective treatment of behavioral health conditions has a positive impact on chronic disease management.

Possible Outcomes

Only 1 in 5 adult patients with mental health conditions are seen by mental health specialists and many prefer treatment in primary care settings.

Once enrolled in Collaborative Care, your treatment plan clearly articulates personal goals and clinical outcomes and is routinely measured by evidence-based tools. If you aren’t showing signs of improvement as expected, treatments are actively changed until clinical goals are met.

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The Collaborative Care model is the most effective and efficient integration model in terms of improving access, improving clinical outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction in a variety of primary care settings. At Bronx Health Access, we are proudly implementing this patient-centered team based care model for the well-being of our patient population.

We know the ability to get both physical and mental health care at a familiar location is more comfortable for patients. It also reduces duplicate assessments and results in a better health care experience and improved outcomes for patients.

See your primary care provider today and get the support you need both physically and emotionally.