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4.a.iii Strengthen Mental Health and Substance Abuse Infrastructure across Systems (Focus Area 3)

Project ObjectiveThis project will help to strengthen mental health and substance abuse infrastructure across systems.

Project DescriptionSupport collaboration among leaders, professionals, and community members working in MEB health promotion to address substance abuse and other MEB disorders. MEB health promotion and disorders prevention is a relatively new field, requiring a paradigm shift in approach and perspective. This project will address chronic disease prevention, treatment and recovery, and strengthen infrastructure for MEB health promotion and MEB disorder prevention. Meaningful data and information at the local level, training on quality improvement, evaluation and evidence-based approaches, and cross-disciplinary collaborations need to be strengthened.


PMO: Duane Granston
Community Co-Lead: Debbie Patin, VIP Services
BLHC Co-Lead: Vicente Liz-Defillo, MD
BLHC Co-Lead: Lenny Vincente

Nov 13, 2017

Fall 2017 Update

Behavioral Health Coaches are actively working in over 40 schools throughout New York City.  Of these, 9 schools are located in the Bronx.  All Behavioral Health Teams are now fully staffed, hiring is under way for Phase 3 coaches


An additional 58 schools have been identified for project implementation in Fall 2017.  Each of these Phase 3 schools have been notified and orientation meetings have been held with staff included school principals, guidance counselors, etc. These meetings have provided an introduction to the project and DOE and OSH administration have joined in the presentation to show support and endorsement of the project.  Based on experiences with schools that are already involved in the 100 Schools Project, a library of presentations has been created for coaches to offer to school staff; additional trainings are being developed to match needs identified in the school plans.


For reporting purposes, coaches will be tracking their efforts and referrals using Healthify.  Contracting with Healthify has been completed and staff training for Jewish Board and NYAM has been completed and trainings for coaches and supervisors are being scheduled for July and August.  Healthify will be introduced to first 8 schools in Brooklyn that are open for the summer in early August.  

Jul 17, 2017

Project Update For April 2017

The Jewish Board has been active in 5 Bronx schools and the Behavioral Health coaches have been engaging with school staff on a variety of activities including staff training on mental health literacy, providing information on stress management, and developing crisis intervention plans.  The 100 School Project will hold its first Annual conference for participating schools on Thursday, May 4th featuring special keynote speaker Dr. Howard C. Stevenson.

Feb 28, 2017

Project Update for February 2017

The Jewish Board is the sub-contractor for this cross-PPS project.  The pilot phase of the project was recently completed in 5 schools in the Bronx.  A recent RFI was processed to expand to 5 clusters and subcontracts are in place for all 5 clusters.  Awardees are:

  • Bronx-Astor;
  • Brooklyn-Maimonides;
  • Brooklyn/Queens-VNSNY;
  • Manhattan-START;
  •  Queens-VNSNY).   





The Jewish Board trainings for all coaches and supervisors are scheduled weekly or twice weekly for the onboarding.  The directors and supervisors from the agencies have participated in orientation meetings and have attended initial meetings with the school principals and staff in all 5 clusters.  All agencies are hiring staff and several coaches and all supervisors have already started and have received OSH/DOE orientation. 

Sep 30, 2016

Project Update for September 2016

Our cross-PPS initiative is active and underway in both Brooklyn and the Bronx.  The first 10 schools have been identified that will receive coaching, training and support to do universal and targeted assessment of behavioral health issues.  School staff will be paired with a Behavioral Health Coach that is a licensed clinician, including LMSW, LCSW, LMHC, LMFT, LCAT.  The Coach will provide hands on support to school staff and help in establishing and making community referrals and linkages for students in crisis or in need of treatment.  Efforts will address both mental health and risky substance use.

Schools identified in the Bronx are as follows:

  • Validus Preparatory Academy
  • Mott Hall Bronx High School
  • Eximus College Preparatory Academy
  • Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics
  • Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science